At times, we all feel the need to state something obvious. Today I feel the need.  Advent is a very special place! As I drove home today, I thought about our family’s decision to move to Birmingham four years ago. I can honestly say there has not been a single day of regret regarding accepting the position of Headmaster at Advent. During today’s drive home I felt even stronger about Advent. Why the strong feelings today? It was a day like many others…. lots of meetings, a few challenging situations, an interview with a potential teacher candidate and numerous decisions about facilities, finances, and curriculum. However, two very special things today reminded me again of why Advent is so special. These two things involved parent, school, and student partnerships and slowing down enough to say thank you to one another.

Our parent organization, the APA, provided a spectacular luncheon in honor of our faculty and staff. Parents joined in the food and fellowship as we gathered and celebrated all we are thankful for during this most special of seasons.  I am not aware of another school where parents thank and appreciate their teachers as much as Advent. Not just this very special day, but every day. To all parents who trust Advent with their children and demonstrate their appreciation, a heartfelt “Thank you!

The other event involved our class of 2017. Constantly wanting to let our “senior” class know how much we value them, our faculty always seeks ways to share with our students that we love and appreciate them. Today, with the secret blessing of their parents, we loaded up the Class of 2017 and took them on a surprise trip to Railroad Park to ice skate. I wish every Advent parent could have seen the students’ faces when they discovered they were going ice skating in lieu of science class. It was priceless. As I watched them skate around the rink with the backdrop of Advent’s backyard, downtown Birmingham, it was one of those moments when you just had to be there to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the event.

Allow me please to restate the obvious. Advent is a very special place. We are also a very thankful place. Blessings to you and your family during this special season!

Palmer Kennedy