Advent has had a great year in elementary PE so far!  We’ve learned how to throw and catch a ball. We have played volleyball, soccer, and basketball. In addition, we have sharpened our climbing skills on the climbing wall and stacked a lot of cups!  We have learned about sports and various athletic skills and a great deal about teamwork, honesty, and sportsmanship.

This is such a caring environment! One example happened with our first graders. As we were learning about basketball skills, every student had a chance to attempt a jump shot at the basketball goals, get a rebound, and then let their partner try.  Everyone in the class was doing a great job encouraging their partner and giving it 100%.  There were 2 boys trying something different.  The goals were fixed at 10 feet which is a little higher than 1st graders are used to.  The two were partners and one of them saw that the other wasn’t able to get the ball quite to the height needed.  The one showed the other how to do a good jump shot, and then let him try it as many times as he needed until he got it right.  It was a great moment to witness!

The students here at Advent are always helpful and encouraging, sweet and hard working.  I get to see it every day with these elementary-age children. I’m so happy to be able to be a part of such a wonderful group of children.  They are also incredibly creative and have helped me come up with solutions and ideas on how to make certain games even better. They learn to communicate and challenge each other and to be innovative thinkers.

Many of our students are going to participate in the Mercedes Kids Marathon. This is a one mile fun run and takes place the day before the marathon on February 11th.   Each student signed up must complete 25.2 miles before the fun run. We have been training hard in PE class this year and I am excited for race day to finally get here!  So far, we have close to 100 participants.  Thanks to Advent for all of the support and encouragement!

Tricia Brice