In first grade STEM class, students at Advent are getting a chance to be Hands-On with some frequently used scientific tools.  Check out what STEM at Advent is like here.

The students began their journey measuring the length, in both inches and centimeters, of different parts of their body. They then measured pencils they were using, and even their shoes. Next, they used 1-gram and 5-gram blocks and a balance scale to determine the mass of a variety of objects. They moved on to learning to read a thermometer by testing the temperature of 3 cups of water. They also played with adjusting the temperature by moving the thermometer from one cup of water to another.

Our most recent experiment was learning what a meniscus was (it is what happens when you put a liquid into a container) and how it is used when reading the volume in a graduated cylinder. Students had to pour a certain amount of water into a graduated cylinder, drop an object into the graduated cylinder, determine if the item would sink or float, and then decide how much water was displaced by the object. The kids loved it!

Heather Holmes