This past Wednesday, we celebrated Grandparents Day here at Advent. This wonderful experience has been happening many years, but has become more special year by year. All grandparents and grand friends were invited to come and experience life at Advent through the eyes of our students.

The day began with refreshments, coffee and mingling while the students hurried to class to prepare for their visitors. The grandparents soon joined the students in their homerooms for either session 1 or 2. While there they all shared what a day/year at Advent was like with their visitors. They talked about class projects, sang a song or two, discussed projects and favorite books they are reading. Family photos were taken of each grandchild with grandparents/grand friends to make gifts for later.

After the sessions, all the families and students went to the Nave in the Cathedral Church of the Advent for the Thanksgiving Service of Worship. Bagpipes rang out to start and end the service. The first graders, dressed as Wampanoags and Pilgrims, performed their Thanksgiving play. There was beautiful music and meaningful lessons and prayers. After the service, students were checked out to go out into the community to enjoy lunch and fellowship with their grandparents.

Advent loves our grandparents and grand friends. They support and sustain us and our families. There were so many smiles and laughter and hugs in the halls. It was crowded with men and women who wore nametags with their grandchildren given names. There was Mimi and Pawpaw and Grandpa and Grandma, and Nana and P and even LuLu. What a joyous day!