Adventures in Lower School French!  What explorations we’ve had – from meeting my French friends from Le Grand Chateau in France, to dancing in the rain with Monsieur Escargot, learning colors in French with Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow Cat), and acting out Frere Jacques – Pre-K certainly has been busy as can be! And how excited my friends, Les Chats, that live in the Chapeau Magique, were to see all of their friends in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades! Get your children to tell you the story of how I met all my French cats – they each have a special story from my own personal visit in a Grand Chateau!

With my friends, we’ve reviewed so many songs and learned new ones as well. From Monsieur Oui to Un Elephant Est Alle Jouer (one elephant went out to play…),  Tete, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds (Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes) and playing Jacques a Dit (Simon Says) – whew! And that is just a tip on the iceberg! We’ve made a Maison Hante in 3rd Grade (a French haunted house!), and a family portrait in 2nd.

While they may not celebrate Thanksgiving in France, the French are certainly thankful for so many things – we’ve learned all about being thankful for the things we have (in French, bien sur!), and all the vocabulary associated with good manners. And last, but not least, 3rd Grade has been working hard on learning Minuit Chrétien, O Holy Night in French, which they will sing at Lessons and Carols. More fun songs and projects to come as we head into the month of December – do you know Rudolph’s favorite place to fly? Right over the Eiffel Tower!  Sssshhhh – don’t tell them yet! A bientot!

Mme. Ebet