So much is happening in the 2nd grade! We have entered the world of BATS. Enter at your own risk!  We discovered that bats are amazing mammals that fly.  They have one baby a year and live in a nursery-type situation as humans do.  They are nocturnal (they love the dark!!) and use echolocation for navigational purposes.  They help us in the study of conservation in that bats are helpful in our environment by eating insects.   We made Bat Puppets and Posters to display our cross-curricular theme unit.

Excitement abounds with the expectations surrounding our Grandparents’ Day visit.  We are counting down the days to the visit. They will be so amazed at our work! We cannot wait to share. We have divided ourselves into committees:

  • Bat Committee – reporting on our unit of Bat Life
  • French Committee – our drawings and labels in French of our family and our Maison Hant’ee
  • Art Committee – our Ghosts and haunted houses from October and Halloween

We cannot contain ourselves for loving to see and visit with our grandparents.  We are making gifts for them. We have some Active Board interaction activities that will be so much fun!   We also will perform a Thanksgiving skit with choral reading. Look for our grandparents in the hall- Shhhhhhh – They will receive owls with our photographs on them as gifts. Owls are super cool! Owls depict the characteristics we are trying to achieve:  use your time wisely, get organized, listen to instructions, write down assignments, check your work, ASK for help – Be a wise learner! 2nd grade is so much fun!

Judy DeWitt