Advent first grade visited the American Village two weeks ago! American Village is located right outside of Montevallo, AL, down I-65 south of Birmingham. It is an educational institution where students (and families) can visit and learn about early American history.  There are a variety of tours that explain American liberty, democracy and how it works, and holiday traditions during the colonial times.

While there, our students pretended to ride on the Mayflower. They learned games that the Pilgrims would have played and met the Wampanoag chief. The Wampanoag’s were a native-American tribe located in the Massachusetts area. It was so interesting watching the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims share a feast together, the first Thanksgiving! The first graders had such a fun time seeing what it was really like to be a Pilgrim and a Wampanoag.

To continue the learning process, the first grade always performs a Thanksgiving play. On November 16th, the first grade will dress up as either Pilgrims or Wampanoags and perform their play for the whole school! Each class memorizes the story of the first Thanksgiving and then they all perform during chapel. This chapel service is also our Grandparent’s Day chapel, where we are so thankful for our families. What a great way to learn the importance of being thankful!

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