On the 50th day of school, the pre-kindergarten classes at Advent had a celebration – 50’s style.  The day was spent rockin’ and rollin’ to the music that made you want to do the twist. You might have thought you had been taken back to the 1950s! It was a blast!

If you walked down on the first floor that day, not only would you have heard the music from this decade, but you would have found the kids dressed like those days!  The boys were looking so cool with their hair slicked back, wearing their white t-shirts, blue jeans and Converse tennis shoes.  The girls were styling and boppin’ along in their poodle skirts, oxford shoes, pony tails and cat-eyed shaped glasses.

The students celebrated with fun activities.  Hula hooping was one of the favorites of the day.  The kids were having so much fun, they had no idea it was an exercise of coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance.  It was a sight to see!  Even one of the teachers tried to hula hoop! After trying to keep the hula hoops going, the students had a chance to cool off with a coke float.  It was definitely a sweet treat! And for some, it was their first time to have one.

There was a lot of learning taking place as well that day!  The students had been learning how to count by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.  This was a day focused on counting by 5s and 10s.  We also talked about some of the gadgets from the decade.  The kids had a hard time understanding everyone didn’t own a television, laptop computer or cell phone during that time.  It was a great mini-lesson on history and how things have changed.

I think everyone would say, the day was a memorable one!  The day reminded all of us of a simpler time… a time to enjoy the little things:  being together and having fun, be-bopping along!

Leah Webb