The Kindergarten students at Advent share what and how they are learning with their parents and other family members at monthly Curriculum Shares.  At the end of each month, parents and extended family are invited to the Advent Explorium at 9 a.m. to share in some of the student’s favorite songs, stories, and routines learned during the month.  The teacher and student led activities are engaging, fun, and memorable, which is why they are effective in the children’s learning process.  Some of the exciting activities you might see include: children reading the Morning Message, acting out stories, performing Reader’s Theater, reciting classic and alternative nursery rhymes, and participating in cooperative games.  Parents and family members love joining in the fun and seeing what the children have been learning.  It is gratifying for families to witness their children’s love for Advent, as well as seeing the incredible skills they gain through the fun.  Check out some photos from Curriculum Shares from this school year.