Today there is lots of Dr. Seuss popping up everywhere at Advent! We have the big man himself, Dr. Seuss, and the Grinch, Things 1 & 2 and a few Cats in the Hat.  There are Green Eggs and Ham, some Fox and Socks, One Fish, Two Fish, and a Red Fish, and three Hortons.  The Star-Bellied Snitches were standing with the Cindy Lou Whos, and the Queen of Quincy was checking on the Lorax and Daisy Head Mayzie. What do you do?

Every year, the Advent faculty and staff vote on a Halloween costume idea in September.  No one is allowed to discuss- it is always a surprise for the students. This year it was Who is (a) Who, more commonly known as all things Dr. Seuss!  Everyone went all out- what a fun atmosphere!  Happy Halloween!