In our Sixth Grade science curriculum, Advent students focus on Earth Science. To reinforce this course of study, each year we visit Camp McDowell’s Environmental Center, located in Nauvoo, AL.  Camp McDowell encompasses 1,140 acres of diverse forests, meadows, streams and canyons, located in the central part of the state. This incredible natural resource so close to our school serves as our classroom.

The students spend three days learning about a variety of topics such as the human impact on Earth, water quality, geology, biodiversity, alternative energy methods as well as team building skills in which the students are taught how to trust their own abilities. They go on hikes and observe trees, and leaves and natural outcrops.  The students step knee-deep into a pond to discover underwater creatures. They canoe, play games and are taught the importance of food conservation with every meal they digest together. The Camp McDowell counselors lead each student through environmental topics, challenge them to work on their own as well as with a group, and provide guidance for success. The students love Camp McDowell!! They look forward to this time each year. As a class, they create memories that are unforgettable.  They also realize that science is cool!

Jennifer Dunn