For the cognitive development of children, imagination is important in understanding reality, especially with understanding people and events. E. B. White once wrote that “real life is only one kind of life- there is also the life of the imagination.” Building on their imagination and in celebration of completing our class novel, “Charlotte’s Web,” the 3rd grade wrote acrostic poems. Acrostic poetry uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line.  All lines of the poem relate to or describe the word. Using important terms from the book, students wrote delightful poems all relating to Wilbur and the farm and Charlotte.

As the students read the book, there was discussion about where he got the ideas for his story. They learned that Mr. White lived on a farm in Maine. He once tried to save the life of a pig but failed. In the barn on his farm, he regularly observed a big, gray spider. He was really impressed with her weaving ability. From these experiences, the classic book was born.

A student’s poem:

Wilbur was always willing to be a good friend

Incredible, intelligent, interesting spider

Lively, loving, lazy, likable pig

Brilliant, blissful, Brave Wilbur

Unique, understanding, useful Wilbur

Radiant, realistic, remarkable, silky pig.

The 3rd grade has the privilege of writing beautiful poetry for the Birmingham Public Library every month. The poems are posted on pillars for everyone to see. Please stop by the children’s department of the downtown library to enjoy a poetic moment.

Lee Stayer