Advent students are speaking French and are buzzing around with activities! Perhaps you have heard our school French cheer, Allez, les panthères! (Go panthers!) erupt at our volleyball or basketball games or even at the pep rally? Or maybe you have overheard your 7th or 8th grader practicing a dialog in his/her bedroom from the French in Action program. These dialogs are learned by heart, then they are filmed in groups of two or three students.

The 7th and 8th French Club members voted in new officers this month. The first item on the agenda is National French Week, November 4-10. Along with members of the Student Council, they have been discussing how best to celebrate. Watch your calendar for French dress-up day, French food day, and a French prayer in Chapel that week. 5th and 6th graders have been practicing the plays they will present, La rentrée (5th), and Louis Souris (6th). Their enthusiasm can be deafening! Bien sûr there will be some French songs sung!

In 4th grade, the students are learning two classic French songs, one sacred and the other pure fun. At Lessons and Carols, the 4th graders will sing the entirety of O, Holy Night (Minuit Chrétien), including the French verse, so in French class les garçons et les filles are learning to pronounce its challenging lyrics. The second song, Le furet (The ferret) is sung while sitting on the floor and includes a chase à la Duck,Duck, Goose!  The students love to sing it and chase each other!  Prior to this musical interlude, the students have made French origami fortune tellers that taught them to ask and answer certain questions.  The students have also practiced dates and numbers as they drew and inked birthday parties made of thumbprint people.

Advent students are really interested in immersing themselves in all things French, even outside the classroom walls. One student on her own initiative recently learned how to make French macarons! It is amazing that she undertook this difficult fabrication process at home and, voilà, met with success!  They were délicieux! Our French Club présidente and her family hosted a viewing of Les Miserable at their house one Friday evening for 7th and 8th grade students. Les Mis is a powerful musical that always inspires an equally powerful audience response.

Anne Barton