Hey Advent bloggers!  We are hurtling along through space and time in Upper School History classes! Students are involved in discussing current world and national issues. Our key goals are to begin to think for ourselves, to respect each others’ opinions, and to bring our discussion back to what it means to be an American.

The sixth graders have “visited” Canada, Middle America, and the Caribbean! We’ve learned a lot about their history, culture, government, geography and people.  It’s fascinating for the students to compare our ways of life and economies– we are so similar in some ways and so different in others! Have you ever thought about moving to Canada? Well, the students have learned what happens and can help you along your way.  They also individually researched and presented the different Caribbean islands- it was fun to hear all about these countries.

In the seventh grade, we have just finished studying the four early river civilizations that formed the basis for human society. Can you name them?  There is the Yellow River in China, the Indus River in India, Pakistan, etc., and the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers in Iraq. There is also the Nile River in Egypt. While studying Egypt, the students made Egyptian art. What fun!  We are about to move on to ancient Greece and Rome. We will look closely at Alexander the Great and journey with him to learn how he unified so many different peoples and cultures.

The eighth graders are discussing and writing histories of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century America. They each have taken a particular historical event and are writing about it to gain in-depth knowledge of important moments in American history. The students are finding it funny how the “themes” remain the same.  They have been discussing the themes of democracy, equality, and freedom.   Soon we will look at “The Wizard of Oz” and discover what it has to do with the presidential election of 1896. Hmmm . . .we shall see!

Sheryl Summe