We have been busy in 2nd grade! We recently took a field trip to DeSoto Caverns, in Childersburg, AL. Our classes learned about its beauty as well as the significant role it has played throughout history. We toured the cave first. It is 60 degrees year round- it was really chilly!! We then panned for gemstones- hoping to find some lost gold left behind by Spanish explorers or even maybe onyx or pyrite.  No such luck!  We also found our way out of a maze (3/4 of an acre wide).  It was so cool!  Everyone escaped!

We are rich in friendships here at Advent as we partner with the Kindergarten classes. Our K5 “Buddies” are awesome this year.  We read and do other activities, such as art projects with our kindergarten friends on Fridays.  We made our Halloween “spiders” to decorate for the season. It is so sweet to see each other in the halls and to hear each class greeting one another and giving hugs!

In the month of October, the second grade reads a mystery book and then writes a report to contribute to the mystery of the season.  Beware!! All witches and wizards will be sharing with their class on October 18th.  Their reports will be on display in the “Eerie” Explorium- so creep on down to hear all the spooky tales.  Don’t forget to check out the new residents in our classrooms- friendly ghosts circling the ceiling.  The students will write creative stories about each of their ghosts.  We will read a variety of haunted books together to get ideas.  We cannot wait to see where they will go haunting!