On Friday, October 7, the Pre-Kindergarten classes visited Fire Station Number One in downtown Birmingham. We had a fantastic time learning about fire safety and our area firefighters. The children learned about the different types of fire and rescue vehicles, the suits the firefighters wear, as well as how to escape a fire. We discussed stop, drop and roll- it is super important to remember!

One of the best parts of the field trip was when one firefighter got into his full rescue gear. As he was putting on his boots, jacket, helmet and mask, another firefighter explained what he was doing. When the man was dressed in his full gear he got down on the floor and greeted the children. This was a great way for the children to learn not to fear firefighters.

After the rescue suit demonstration, we were able to go on a tour of the fire station. The children got to see the fire trucks, hoses and different tools used to put out fires. There are so many different types of fire trucks.  “We loved seeing all the trucks.”

At the end of our visit, the firefighters had to load up on a firetruck and head out to help someone in need!  We heard the sirens wail and saw the bright lights flashing!

Walking back to the school with 42 junior firefighters was a blast! We saw more fire trucks and could identify what kind they were by looking at the back of them. How cool is that! Everyone could tell where we had been- we had on Birmingham Fire and Rescue hats, and arm bands and were carrying coloring books.  We are so lucky to have them protecting us!

Alex Wright