This past Friday, the 1st grade walked to Children’s Theatre and saw African Tales!   It consisted of two plays: Rumplestilskin and Kalulu. The students loved it.  There was lots of music (DRUMS!!!) and beautiful art and dancing and, of course, wonderful theater.

In Rumplestilskin, as in the traditional story, a young queen’s love for her child thwarts the evil intentions of a crooked little man. Birmingham Children’s Theatre created it as if it were a story told from Africa. In the second play, Kalulu, a swaggering and boastful hare suffers the consequences of deceit when he tries to swindle a bag of gold from the king.  The characters in these two legends create a whirlwind of color and sound, and evoke the magic of triumph of good over evil. The actors entice the audience (and definitely our students) literally out of their seats to dance and sing songs.

As we walked back to school, we sang Funga Alafia, a Nigerian children’s song.  People could hear us singing “Funga Alafia, Ashe, Ashe, Funga Alafia, Ashe, Ashe,” while walking through Linn Park.  Did you hear us?  I am sure they questioned this generous contribution to their day. The students were having a great time!

Karen Anderson