It is a wonderful day here at Advent Episcopal School! Lots of things are happening every single day.  We have 308 energetic students who are making this school great!!!  The future that awaits these students is mind-boggling.

The best Advent has to offer can be found in what I would call our door opening experience. We open doors for each other whenever possible as we all strive to make the Golden Rule applicable in all we do. Our Cross and Shield students open the doors for our visitors. Each Advent family opens doors for their children through their investment as their support allows creativity and intellect to collide. We want all Advent students to be lifelong learners reaching for their dreams, with as many doors open as possible.

Advent Episcopal School was recently awarded top K- 8 Alabama Independent School Association honors. The school received the President’s Award as well as Blue Ribbon status. AISA looks at academic excellence as well as a school’s co-curricular programs.  Michael McClendon with AISA says “It is apparent from my visits to Advent that (the) faculty and staff work diligently to provide their students with the most positive learning experience possible.  I am excited about the direction of Advent Episcopal School and the role it plays as a model of excellence in our state and beyond.” While awards like this are deeply appreciated and do recognize much of what Advent is trying to accomplish, the best Advent has to offer is not measurable through a point system or even its stellar top tier standardized test performance. We believe that every student who starts here can go anywhere, with doors standing wide open. Advent is a wonderful place to be! Go Panthers!

Palmer Kennedy