Since its founding in 1950 in downtown Birmingham, Advent Episcopal School has lived up to its mission statement  of providing a superior, advanced, and enriched education to a diverse student population in a caring, Christian environment at an independent, equal-opportunity school.

Why K-8? There is a high level of support, understanding, nurturing, and appreciation of the individual student in a K-8 environment.  This gives them a solid foundation that helps them outperform their peers in high school and beyond.  Advent embraces these ideals while adding the warmth of a Christian component.  The older students at Advent have leadership positions and serve as identifiable role models to our younger students.  Our parents are more involved in both the academic and social aspects of their child.  We know Advent graduates are successful.  We hear about them every day.


Advent At-A-Glance

Our students:

Grades: PK-8

Number of students: 310

Zip Codes represented: 44

Students who sing in productions: 100%



Our Faculty:

# of Faculty: 33

Average tenure: 16 years

Masters Degrees: 21


Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Track and Volleyball

School Hours:

PreK: 8:00– 11:45 am

K– 4th Grade: 8:00-3:00 pm

5-8th Grade: 8:00– 3:07pm

Before– School care:

7:15-7:45 am

After School Care: Until 6:00 pm


Within Our Walls

Head of School:  W. Palmer Kennedy is the headmaster for Advent. He is in his 4th year. He currently serves on the AISA (Alabama Independent Schools Association) Board.

Our Campus: As the only PK-8 school in downtown Birmingham, AL, Advent is able to take advantages of the rich and extraordinary educational and cultural opportunities at our doorstep.  We encompass three floors, with a gym, and two playgrounds (one of which is on the roof). We are adjacent to the Cathedral of the   Advent.  You can find us on the Southwest corner of 6th Avenue North and Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard.

APA (Advent Parent Association): It is a vital component of the fabric of our school.  It functions as a support mechanism for all that our school is trying to accomplish.  The APA meets monthly.  Committees are formed to facilitate functionality.  Some examples include room parents, Fall Social, Grandparent’s Day, the Auction and May Fest.

Advent Honor System: All   5-8th graders students sign the code at the beginning of the school year during the first chapel service.  Advent places strong emphasis not only on the intellectual development but also on developing honor, integrity, self-discipline, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Academic Program

PreK and K: Students adhere to an academic program consisting of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, penmanship, and physical fitness to enhance the overall learning experience. All students participate in music, French and art every week.

Lower School: This consists of Grades 1-4.  Beginning with 1st grade on, students find homework is an essential component of the curriculum.  Subjects studied include reading, language, spelling, math, social studies, STEM, physical education, library, and computer.  All students take art, music, and French every week.

Upper School: is made up of grades 5-8.  Students take four core subjects. Language Arts, Math (through Geometry), science, and social studies meet daily.  Students also take art, French, music, physical education, and religion.  Students are required to adhere to the school honor system.

Other Clubs, Organizations and Activities: provide opportunities for students to build community, compassion and foster passions.  Foremost is chapel, which is held on a weekly basis for all students. Services are led by the school’s chaplain and follow the worship elements of the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.  Students participate in the service in a variety of different roles.  Parents are encouraged to attend services.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in chess, Bible club, JUNA, French club, Cross and Shield, Math teams, Student Council, Choral Ensemble, Acolytes, Art Fair, Yoga, Chinese., art, music, keyboarding, soccer, ballet, drama, gymnastics, and Strategy Game Club.

Grading Scale: A– Superior (94-100); B– Good (85-93); C– Average (75-84); D– Poor (70-74); F– Failing (below 70).

Beyond Our Classrooms

Downtown Birmingham offers Advent Episcopal School meaningful opportunities at our doorstep.  Our students have exposure to fine art, music, foreign language, and critical thinking.  This spurs intellectual curiosity among our students. Within blocks of the school, students can find the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Alabama and Lyric Theaters, the McWane Center, Regions Field, the Birmingham Public Library and Railroad Park.  This does not even begin to hit all the cultural and educational opportunities that our students experience.