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Advent Religion Class for Grades 5-8

What have we been up to in Religion Class this year?  We began the year with a quick review of the Seasons of the Church Year, a topic we covered at length last year.  The Church Year was introduced, of... Continue Reading →

Est-ce que je peux parler anglais?

Est-ce que je peux parler anglais? (May I speak English?) This question has transformed this year’s French classes!!! Requiring students to ask permission before speaking English has resulted in much more French spoken daily in the classroom, reduced idle chatter,... Continue Reading →

Advent 7th grade and Sloss Furnaces

Hey bloggers!  This is Sheryl Summe in the Upper School Social Studies Department. The Seventh Graders and I went on an awesome local "field trip" a couple of weeks ago. We toured the Sloss Furnaces Historic Landmark.  Sloss Furnaces National... Continue Reading →

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

This year, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church is participating in the Partners in Preservation campaign (like last year’s Alabama Theatre campaign for 18th Street sign funding). Sixteenth Street is one of 20 iconic equal rights sites across the U.S. competing for national grant funding... Continue Reading →

Open house at Advent!

It is hard to believe the end of the first quarter is near! Time does fly when we are all having FUN! However, it is never too early to think about the next school year. Advent Open House is scheduled... Continue Reading →

8th grade English Language Arts

As eighth grade English began in August, we set up MLA standards and class expectations for writing, vocabulary, close readings, and grammar review.  We have completed Jody's journey with THE RED PONY, while adding information concerning John Steinbeck, the Nobel... Continue Reading →

Sentence Surgery

Sentence Surgery at Advent! The surgery theater was very busy on Friday. It was filled with masked and gloved 3rd grade surgeons reviewing their last month's language arts skills. Mr. Declarative, Ms. Imperative, Mr. Exclamatory, and Mrs. Interrogative received organ... Continue Reading →

Habits of Mind

Is it true that it takes 21 days to form a habit? While the timeline of habits might be up for debate, we all probably have habits we’d like to form or habits we’d like to shake. However, how often do... Continue Reading →

Third Grade & The Land of Counterpane

In third grade, Advent students work on poetry memorization every 4-6 weeks. This memory work exposes students to classic poems and well-known authors at a young age. In addition, it offers memorization by repetition, which is a very important memory... Continue Reading →

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