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5th Grade STEM

We have gotten off to a great start.  We started our year with a crash course in what is happening during a Solar Eclipse.  Our fifth grade students were experts during the viewing of the eclipse, and were able to... Continue Reading →

Writing in Kindergarten

Writing at Advent is amazing! You may think that it is a little early for these young ones to be able to write sentences and stories, but you would be amazed at how they are able to express themselves on... Continue Reading →

Advent Inspiration- Jackson Pollock

The definition for the word Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It's inventiveness, innovation, genius, imagination, and originality. We are always inspired in lower school art, but we have... Continue Reading →

Second Grade Blog

Second grade at Advent is off to a great start! We have already learned our lower case cursive letters and are beginning to learn our upper case letters! We have been playing learning games on our Smart Board to reinforce... Continue Reading →

Upper School English

  As the Advent eighth grade nears the quarter's end, the class has established both a method and a plan for on-going vocabulary study, an organizational form for paragraph writing, begun training our writer's eye both for close reading and... Continue Reading →

Junior Strategy Game Club

Strategy Game Club (SGC) is a community of 5th-8th grade students at Advent who meet on Friday afternoons to learn and play table games. In addition, this year we added a similar club called Jr. Strategy Game Club (JSGC) that... Continue Reading →

La classe en rose

Over the summer, the Advent French room was emptied, painted a happy color called “Enthusiastic Lilac”, and redecorated. Window shades that can be easily raised and lowered were inked with useful French phrases, and a  talented Advent alum made a... Continue Reading →

Music at Advent

“We should read music in the same way that an educated adult will read a book: in silence, but imagining the sound.” Zoltán Kodály Do you often wonder what Advent students are really learning in music?  Sometimes the benefits of... Continue Reading →

Upper School Physical Education

Advent has had a great start to the school year in PE! The 5th- 8th grade begin and end the year with Presidential Fitness testing. Our students did great on their tests! In Upper School PE, we learn various sport specific... Continue Reading →

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